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Rene Saheb


Ceramic Skill Certified. Iran / 2021‎
Art MBA, Bahar Business School. Iran/ 2017‎
Bachelor of Arts in Professional Design, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. ‎Malaysia/ 2010‎
Associate’s Degree, Visual Communication (Graphic Design) University of Science and Culture. ‎Iran/ 2007‎
Associates Degree, Computer Graphic, Applied Science and Technology, Iran/ 2007‎
Solo Exhibitions:‎
Valley of Knowledge, Aaran Gallery, Iran 2021‎
View, Gallery Vision (Virtual Exhibition).Iran 2020‎
Dam Dami,Bagh Ferdows Café Gallery. Iran 2019‎
Live Ceramic Performance, Prizma Gallery. Turkey 2018‎
Story Of The Cane, Organhouse Gallery.China 2018‎
Live Solo Performance (Dream), Organhouse Gallery. China 2018‎
Korsi Sher,Aaran Gallery .Iran 2013‎
Child Abuse, Wing Gallery.Malaysia 2009‎
Group Exhibitions:‎
‎(Ode To Spring) Aaran Gallery. Tehran 2022‎
‎(Transformation), Bon Art project/ International Virtual Exhibition, 2021‎
‎(Recovery), Aaran Projects Gallery, 2021‎
‎(Birds), Soo Contemporary. 2021‎
‎11th National Ceramic Biennial Of Iran, Self-Analysis, 2020‎
Bavan Gallery, Iran 2019‎
Kalekent Ceramic Art Residency, Bodrum 2019‎
Residency Association of Iranian painting, Iranian Artist Forum 2019‎
‎(Farj Visual Art Festival). Iran 2019‎
‎(Freedom), Prizma Gallery. Turkey 2018‎
Aaran Gallery. Iran 2018‎
‎(Side By Side), Aknoon Gallery. Isfahan 2018‎
‎(Side By Side), Rooberoo Mansion.Iran 2018‎
Kunsthall 314 , Norway 2018‎
Katharina Maria Raab Gallery. Germany 2018‎
Exhibition in support of patients suffering from Cancer (Behnam Daheshpour Charity) at Aaran ‎Gallery.Tehran 2017‎
‎(A few Credible Stories) Aaran Gallery. Tehran 2017‎
‎(Pulp Narratives) Aaran Gallery. Tehran 2016‎
There is something more,Saless Gallery. Tehran 2016‎
Versus Art Contest. Tehran 2014‎
Aaran Gallery. Tehran 2012‎
Awards and Honors:‎
The 7th Annual Persian Art Exhibition, Exhibit Judge. Texas / Dallas. USA, 2022‎
Farj Visual Art Festival. Awarded. Iran,2019‎
Awarded certificate of excellence for active involvement in the university’s industry projects. ‎Malaysia, 2010‎
Hoorshid Artist House, Iran / Isfahan 2022‎
Kalekent Ceramic Residency, Turkey/Bodrum 2019‎
Helikon Art Center ,Turkey/Izmit 2018‎
SAC Subhashok The Art Center, Thailand/Bangkok-Chiang Mai 2018‎
Organhouse, China/Chongqing 2017-2018‎