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Valley of Knowledge

Solo exhibition of Rene Saheb

Exhibition opening on 15th October 2021
On view until 29th October 2021

Moving between abstraction, figuration, and free forms, Rene Saheb’s dense and Multicolored paintings hint at her subconscious. A release, a journey through a prima valley, where her inner self is unfolded, and Knowledge is sought and found.
She works intuitively using expressive brush strokes and vibrant colors. These organic and nature-inspired paintings resemble botanical studies of a lush world with flowing fields of color punctuated by looping floral and biomorphic forms. They feel ancient in the sense that they look like the beginning of the natural world. She continues to use the language of metaphor. She brings in daily incidents or concerns, usually satirical Proverbs of our rich language find a place in the paintings.
Using different mediums, she inserts delicate lines in fields of color in these invented landscapes of her. A dreamy land where birds are set free and the flowers and Fiona grow and are allowed to reach their bloom. Her Raw geological formations and landscapes oscillate between harmony and tension, perhaps mystical but at the same time naturalistic.
The sculptural pieces, which are all made using broken utensils thrown away in a pottery class that the artist had attended, are the other part of this exhibition. Many of these pieces were discarded for a simple crack or minor fault. This is an act of recovery; to soothe the pain of abandonment. She brings these pieces of the earth back to life, back to the cycle of life. A resurrection inspired by The Conference of the Birds of Farid Oddin Attar Neishabouri, the story of birds that set out on the path of discovery, many of whom failed to reach their destination. And here are the ones that Failed.
A story of our land, of many lands, of a people who set out to capture their dreams and fail, and in this failure, another story takes shape, stories of pride despite failure, of gaining knowledge but perishing in the struggle. Stories can only be told by artists like Rene Saheb, who understand the earth and embrace many layers of life.
Nazila Noebashari