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Ebrahim (Amin) Eskandari


Born in 1986, Tehran, Iran

Member of the Association of Sculptors of Iran

Education: ‎

Diploma of Painting, School of Visual Arts, Tehran, 2004‎

Bachelor of Sculpture, Art university of Tehran, 2010‎

Master of Painting, Arts and Architecture University of Tehran, 2017‎

Awards: ‎

‎2010 Winner of The 2nd Urban Space Sculpture Biennale of Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibition: ‎

‎2013 “Meteorological Report,” Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran‎

Group Exhibitions: ‎

‎2017 “Situation” The 7th National Sculpture Biennale, Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran‎

‎2017 “With My Roots” Group Exhibition by Capital Art London, Asia House, London, UK

‎2015 “Tehran Virtual or Real” Group Exhibition, Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran

‎2014 The 4th Urban Space Sculpture Biennale of Tehran

‎2012 The 3rd Urban Space Sculpture Biennale of Tehran, Iran

‎2012 “Post-Pop “Group exhibition, Mah-e Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran

‎2011 “Diorama” Event by Dr.Thomas M Buchsbaum, Austrian ambassador of Iran‎

‎2011 “Beyond Reality” Group exhibition, Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran‎

‎2010 Damounfar Festival of Painting, Tehran, Iran‎

‎2010 Selected as forerunners of the Tehran Biennial of Urban Sculpting‎

‎2009 The 2nd Drawing Biennial, Imam Ali Museum of Art, Tehran, Iran‎

‎2008 The 1st Fajr Visual Art Festival, Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran, Iran‎

‎2003-2009 Participation in 8 Painting and Sculpture group exhibitions