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Beyond Reality

Show by Majid Biglari, Ebrahim Eskandari and Hamid Hemaytian

The Chief told the Endangered Spicy that from now own he is better suited to make decisions for his own carrot. Procreation became the order of the day and soon enough the creatures could live a dreamlike life. The Unknown became the executor of the Pattern for Development… a comprehensive policy prevented extinction of species. Animated entertainment replaced drugs and prostitution. Based on a five year plan it was determined that the population of endangered species ought to rise and extinction erased.
Majid Biglari

Room No 22 is a installation about a set moment. A day that has passed. Objects and appliances that invoke common memories. A mutual feeling raised from depth and brought in to surface. A tedious voice used as a language to depict the vague story that is roaming behind the walls of the houses. Artist anticipates the reaction of the visitor. Allowing for direct reaction to subject , it’s components , color and even the prevailing though process. A day among all these days.
Ebrahim Eskandari

It is stupendous to speak of complications that are intent on self destruction. While my creations have not overstepped the boundaries of emanation, albeit in praise of seclusion; this discourse resembles the clod that the followers of Hallaj throw at him which were far graver than the others’ because one can not learn except in the manner advocated by Hallaj.
Hamid Hemaytian