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Meteorological Report

Solo show by Ebrahim (Amin) Eskandari

Two nights prior to success of revolution in Iran, on 9th February 1979, while the Iranian National TV was broadcasting the meteorological report of the day, and announcing that Tehran’s weather will be sunny and partly cloudy and windy, the garrison at Doushan Teppe, the educational center of Iranian Air Force, which was housing hundreds of cadets at it’s dormitory, became the scene of contention between The Special forces and protesting cadets.
Once shooting began people were informed and immediately surrounded the garrison and began demonstrating. Meanwhile groups of people found their way in to the base and took hold of weapons and barricaded the surrounding streets. Finally the armory of the garrison was captured at 10 am on 10th February. Thousands of hand written messages were circulating in the city announcing availability of weapons for whoever had completed military service. And this was how the intervention of air force cadets changed everything in favor of the people.
Ebrahim Eskandari