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Mohammad Eskandari


Mohamad Eskandari was born on 27 September 1982 in an artistic family in Tehran. After graduating from high school, he entered the Art University of Tehran, the most celebrated art University in Iran. He studied painting (2000-2005). He submitted his thesis on “The influences of the Islamic Revolution on Iranian Contemporary painting” in 2008. He has held eight solo exhibitions in Daryabeygi Gallery (2000), Elahe Gallery (2004), Mah Art Gallery (2006), Azad Art Gallery (2009)-(2010), and Aaran Gallery (2013)-(2015)-(2018). He has also participated in 35 group exhibitions, the most prominent of which are the 3rd and 4th Tehran’s biennial of the Islamic World painting, respectively, in 2004 and 2006. Mohamad Eskandari has participated in several exhibitions in Europe and United States.
Furthermore, he has been in charge of designing and accomplishing six mural paintings. Mohamad Eskandari has been a constant member of The Iranian Society of Painters (ISP) since 2006 and is currently working in his personal studio.
In 2011, he spent two months in Paris, participating in Residency Program at Cite Des Arts as part of an ongoing collaboration between the Cite and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. In 2022 he once again participated independently for two months at the Cite des arts Paris.
From 2011 to 2013, Eskandari was an invited lecturer at Tehran’s University of Art, concentrating on mural painting and holding painting workshops.

Solo exhibitions:
2018 Aaran Gallery Tehran, “Explorers of the Spring”
2015 Aaran Gallery Tehran, “Simorgh Recites.”
2013 Aaran Gallery Tehran, “No Gazelles in The Plains.”
2010, Tarrahan Azad Art Gallery, “Tehran-The Hero”
2009, Tarrahan Azad Art Gallery, “Grandpa’s Garden”
2006, Mah Art Gallery
2004, Elahe Art Gallery
2003, Daryabeigy Art Gallery
Group Exhibitions:
Barg Gallery (Masters & students of University of Art) Tehran 2002
Barg Gallery (Masters & students of University of Art) Tehran 2003
Barg Gallery (For Spring) Tehran 2003
Barg Gallery (With Mrs. Hasti Radpour) Tehran 2003
Iranian Artists Forum (In Memory of Bam Earthquake) Tehran 2004
Shafagh Gallery, Tehran 2004
Iranian Artists Forum Tehran 2004
Barg Gallery (Masters & students of University of Art) Tehran 2004
Third International Biennial of Islamic World Tehran 2004
Spiritual Art Festival (Niavaran Cultural center) Tehran2005
Stories of Qoran (Niavaran Cultural center) Tehran 2005
Saadabad Art Gallery Tehran 2005
Homa Art Gallery (First Exhibition of New Generation) Tehran 2006
Iranian Artists Forum (Members of Iranian society painters)Tehran 2006
Fourth International Biennial of Islamic World Tehran 2006
Bahman Cultural center (Mothers of my Homeland) Tehran 2007
Azad Art Gallery (In memory of Fereydoun Mambeigi) Tehran 2008
Mah Art Gallery (Selection of 50 Artists) Tehran 2008
Iranian Artists Forum (Members of Iranian society painters) Tehran 2008
Niavaran Palace (Third Exhibition of New Generation) Tehran 2008
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (First Fajr Festival) Tehran 2008
Mellat Gallery (colors for Green) Tehran 2009
Maison de l’Iran Paris 2009
Group Exhibition (Charity for AIDS) Switzerland Laussane 2010
Mohsen Art Gallery (In Memory of Fereydoun Mambeigi) Tehran 2010
James Gray Gallery (Echoes in Blue) USA Los Angeles 2010
Aaran Gallery Tehran, “America is Beautiful.” 2011
Aaran Gallery Tehran, “In The Name of the Rose,” 2013
Mah Mehr Gallery Tehran, “Post Pop,” 2013
Aaran Projects Tehran, “Tehran Virtual Or Real,” 2015
Aaran Projects Tehran, “Suspended,” 2015
Aaran Projects Tehran, “Angels, Saints, & Co,” 2015
Vertigo arte, “Reflection” Curated by Gianluca Covelli, Cosenza (Italy), 2015
Pedrami Gallery, “Looking for happiness” Antwerp (Belgium), 2015
Shirin Gallery, 10th anniversary of New generation titled “Nasl-e-no,” Tehran,2018
Aaran Projects Tehran, “Flash back,” 2018
MAS Museum Pavilion, “The colour of water,” Antwerp, Belgium, 2019
Pedrami Gallery, “It’s so good to have you in my life,” Antwerp, Belgium, 2019
Azad Art Gallery,”Shabtaab,” Tehran, 2020
Azad Art Gallery,”Shabtaab,” Tehran, 2021
Aaran Projects Tehran, “Ode to spring,” Tehran, 2022
Tehran Urban art annual “Baharestan” 2016