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Koosha Moossavi


Born 1976
Studied Architecture and Interior Architecture in Germany
Lives and works in Berlin and Tehran

Solo Exhibitions:
Relics. At Aaran Gallery Tehran, 2022.
Stagnation. At Aaran Gallery Tehran. 2021
Uncertain and Endless. At Aaran Gallery Tehran, 2020
City Noises. Electric Room. Dastan Art Gallery. 2018

Group Exhibitions:
“RUN THE RUN” 2016, Saye Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“no name on paper” 2017, New Media Projects – Tehran/Iran
7th Miniprint Exhibition 2017, Chav Studio – Tehran/Iran, Farzad Gallery – Mashhad/Iran, Yadegaran Gallery – Kerman/Iran
Chicago Printmakers collaborative – Chicago/USA
IL Folio 74B – Milan/Italy, Afarinesh Gallery – Kermanshah/Iran, Sagene Kunstmie – Oslo/Norway
The 4th Annual Postcard Print Exchange 2017 Exhibition, Laheh Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“Shadows Vol.6” 2017, Saye Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“Post-Apocalyptic” 2017, Persian Idea Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“on (Photo) Paper, no name” 2017, New Media projects – Tehran/Iran
“Tehran doesn´t have McDonald‘s” 2017, Dena Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
Feria de Arte Contemporáneo 2017 – San Sebastian/Spain
“How” 2017, Saye Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
The 9th International Print Exchange 2017 Exhibition, Banks Mill Studios – Derby/UK
“TEHRAN” 2017 Shalman Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
The 5th Annual Postcard Print Exchange 2018 Exhibition, Laheh Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“composed of scaffolding” 2018, Saye Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“Iranian Print making Expo” 2018, Areej Art Gallery – Toronto/Canada
Taropood Art Gallery – Shiraz/Iran, Diba Art Gallery – Kerman/Iran
“self in other perception” 2018, Saye Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“Vadian im Iran” 2018, Kunst Kiosk – St. Gallen/Switzerland
“Me, Sohrab Sepehri” 2018, DD Museum – Mazandaran, Noor/Iran
“Miniprint Berlin” 2018, Galleri Heike Arndt, Berlin
“From Tehran with Love” 2018, Hinterland Galerie, Vienna/Aust
“39 Artworks for Sohrab Sepehri” 2019, DD Museum – Mazandaran, Noor/Iran
The 6th Annual Postcard Print Exchange 2019 Exhibition, Laheh Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“Lost pieces” 2019, 3Platform Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“1st annual of Visual Arts ArtP” 2019, Farmanfarma Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
Printmaking 2019, Theme Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“The Bodies” 2019, Arthibition Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“Limited Access 8 – Festival for Moving Images, sound, and performance” 2019, Aaran Projects Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“Multiplication” 2019, Arthibition Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran
“MiniMaxi print Berlin” 2019, Galleri Heike Arndt, Berlin/Germany
“Metamorphosis” 2019, R. Raum für drastischen Maßnahmen, Berlin/Germany
The 7th Annual Postcard Print Exchange Exhibition 2020, Laheh Gallery – Tehran/Iran
Printmaking Group Exhibition 2020, Motorkhooneh Gallery – Shiraz/Iran
“Transcendance” 2020, Galerie Ménil8, Paris/France
“The Offshoot of Art” 2020, Farmanfarma Art Gallery – Tehran/Iran