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Solo exhibition of Koosha Moossavi

From Series HOMO
Opening on 26th November 2021
On view until 10th December 2021

This series is about Humans;
Humans in confrontation with themselves;
And the world around them.
Following on tracks of his last exhibition, Koosha Moossavi refers to humanity’s stagnation. He writes that, in his opinion, except in fields of technology, humans have not been able to exert much-desired changes, and even the use of technology has, in many cases, led to devastation. At the same time, internal and social exploration has not improved the overall global situation. This series of works aims to explore this stagnation and passivity.
Moossavi’s diligent sculptures show a state of stagnation and lethargy, as if suddenly and in a normal moment, they were distracted from their daily affairs, as in the act of metamorphosis. The atmosphere resembles the incarceration of convicts forced to stand still: because of their short-sightedness and abuse of technology. At high speed, they have brought about human calamities and environmental disasters. This spell might not be an eternal punishment; there might be a flicker of hope. Maybe this is drying up while standing and will not be permanent. Although the ambiguity, these pseudo-humans resemble half-finished and abandoned creatures left behind by their creator in a purgatory full of a sense of movement and a longing for dynamism.
State of Play and the possibility of playing are not yet absent. The scene can still conceive of change to turn this outward and inward metamorphosis into a celebration for humanity and the unveiling of the hidden and visible relationships between them. Outside the world of these sculptures, because of the pandemic, humankind also suffered stagnation for several months, and the ongoing economic and social inequalities across the globe abated for a short time.
“Stagnation” looks outward but has not omitted the inner self: the artist writes that by the full focus of human’s multiple senses on the surrounding world and with deliberation, humanity can find the answer to the important questions of existence and destiny. My inner focus and deep contemplation of oneself, humans should be able to find the answer to their questions.
Amirali Ghasemi/Koosha Moossavi – Autumn 2021