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Uncertain and Endless

Solo exhibition of Koosha Moossavi

From Series “Homo”
Opening at Aaran Projects on 18th September 2020
On view until 5th October 2020

This series is about humans. Humans as one of the surviving species on earth.
Humanity conflicts within itself and in confrontation with the world and its periphery.
In his recent works, Koosha Moossavi deals with the “human” nature and the internal /external conflicts and tries to offer his own answers to the questions on human nature in three given situations: in conflict with their inner selves, facing the continuous man-made boundaries, and in encountering his own species within territories that they all assume to own.
Koosha Moossavi suggests fluid responses to these questions by navigating through various mediums, including installation, video, printmaking, painting, and sculpture.
Creating this entangled body of work has taken him over two years. A selection of this ongoing and evolving project is chosen for this exhibition. The exhibition will include an installation as the centerpiece and a few orbiting objects and videos through which he tries to examine the complexities of human interrelations and the unknown human destiny, all trapped in a vicious cycle.
In his arrangement of works, human bewilderment and suspense are reflected through the micro-narratives in which the displayed works- on their own and in connection with each other- add to the challenges by addressing the multiple futilities of everyday life, whether spent in isolation or contact with others. It appears the desire for excess and greed has led the human species to be caught in an Uncertain and Endless game, with a future that remains as ambiguous as ever.