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Elmira Mirmiran


Elmira Mirmiran is a visual artist based in Tehran. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Science and Culture and a Master’s Degree in Painting from the University of Science and Culture in Tehran.
She is currently a drawing and print-making lecturer at Charsoo Honar, Cultural Artistic Instituted, Art University of Zanjan, and the Fine Arts School for Girls.
In her artworks, she studies the layers of being, spiritual and materialistic layers we are confronting in our everyday lives. She believes what we see is a concept influenced by its surroundings.
She is interested in textures and the transparency of the materials and tries to combine them to evolve senses in the viewer.
Since 2004, Mirmiran has actively participated in numerous solo and group painting, printmaking, drawing, and photography exhibitions such as FOR LIFE, End of the Year Group Exhibition, (at AARAN PROJECT 2023), Some-Place- Else, at AARAN PROJECT 2022, Pulp Narratives, a Group Exhibition of works with paper and on paper, at AARAN PROJECT 2021, Solo exhibition Concealed and Revealed, (at AARAN PROJECT 2020)
Book 96, Artists’s Book (Aaran Project Galley, 2017), Multiplicity Vol.1 (Dastan Gallery, 2017), Premio Acqui, 9th International Biennial of Engraving (Italy, 2011), International Triennial De Chandeliers (France, 2012) And Layers of Being (Haft Samar Gallery, 2008).

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