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Concealed and Revealed

Solo Exhibition of Elmira Mirmiran

Opening on 24th January 2020
On view until 10th February 2020

Variation in layers and visibility of layering is evident in the works of Elmira Mirmiran. These layers are interwoven, and interrelated. What happens on one layer affects all the other layers and together they offer an insight into the probing mind of the artist. Organic shapes appear to be random cutouts of paper and fabric, however, this effortless final image is anything but accidental. All these many layers are made visible to offer some stability to the chaos that seems to be part of our everyday life.
Applying cyclic and linear paths and engulfing them within wooden glass structures, show that beneath this stream of thoughts and feelings the processing and reactive mind of the artist is at work. Artist receives, absorbs, and processes elements of the physical world, and next to her own responses and impulses, a rich gathering of elements takes shape. Reactions and reflexes that come together to offer wisdom and intellect emphasize the importance of what lies in the depth of life.
Tracing the strata of everyday life in a megapolis such as Tehran, the unstable and the irregular are diverted and channeled to create harmony and wisdom. Intuition, conscience, and the reflective aspects of artists’ consciousness are all part of the work.
The effortless gathering of elements in this set of works appears to emphasize connectedness. The origins of the works perhaps lie in the importance of looking for better things in life, striving, searching for what is important, and being better than we are.
Artist writes: I make a layer…An entity of its own. I make another layer visible…I create Another existence…And another layer next to them… to reveal…to hide…
I create so that I can move…