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Hidden Geography

Solo exhibition of Elmira Mirmiran

Opening on 12th January 2024
On view until 25th January 2024

I move away and come close
I watch from a distance, and I touch in proximity
Sometimes I accept, sometimes I hide, and sometimes I reveal
Each occurrence leaves a track, and I live in these tracks, then…
I begin from the beginning.
Elmira Mirmiran

For years, Elmira Mirmiran has been obsessively studying/reflecting texture in her prints and paintings. For her, texture is not a representation of things themselves or a part of them but a trace of them. Here, there is a wide range of objective and subjective issues.

In her prints, she is distant, and in her paintings, very close, but to what? Whatever is the fruit of life? And what is the fruit of life, if not Traces and footprints of pleasant or unpleasant events, colors, tastes, odors, and, in general, whatever life provides us with?

The prints are dense, spontaneous, and simultaneously intelligent and experimental, and together they project the layout of artists’ minds. The layers sit together and replace each other and continuously change the whole, and we, along with the artist, are viewers of these changes, from a height. Who said that it is not possible to observe oneself outside oneself?

In the paintings, we are in the middle, in the middle of the breathtaking density of layers, in the heart of joys, wounds, and becoming. Room by room, cell by cell, we remove the transparent and semi-transparent curtains and receive permission to closely taste the passion and pain of constant change in this Hidden Geography.

Farzaneh Mohammadi Khangheshlaqhi