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Limited Access Four

By Parkingallery Projects in collaboration with Aaran Gallery, and Saroseda

For six days, January 11th – 16th, 2013, Aaran Gallery will host a series of events and screenings of videos, experimental films, animations and sound pieces and performances. The program hours will be from 3 to 8 pm everyday.

For daily program download:
For catalog of the festival download:

Limited Access Team (Fourth Edition)
Festival Director: Amirali Ghasemi (Parkingallery Projects – Tehran)
Program Coordinator: Shahrzad Malekian
Guest Curators: Anahita Hekmat (Paris), Sona Safaie (Toronto), Arash Khakpour (Mooweex – Tehran), Arash Salehi (Saroseda -Tehran), and Ryan B. Willie (Free From Film Festival -San Francisco)

Festival’s History
Founded in early 2007, Limited Access, International Festival of Video, Sound and Performance celebrates its 6th year-anniversary in January 2013 at Aaran gallery. The Tehran based Festival, naturally evolved from Parkingallery’s Video Archive, an ongoing project documenting the diverse and fragmented new media scene both in Iran and abroad since 2004. Limited Access collaborates with individuals, collectives and archive projects across the globe.

About Parkingallery Projects
Parkingallery is an independent project space based in Tehran, started in 1998 originally as a temporary exhibition space, and graphic design studio. Parkingallery’s Video Archive The video archive of Iranian and International artists, has been launched in 2004 ; we collect, keep and update the artworks for educational and non commercial purposes, we also promote the work by organizing screenings, artist/expert talks and presentations along with exhibiting them in Iran and abroad.

About Saroseda
Saroseda is a creative initiative which is trying to make new sonic and visual projects by integrating technology, science, interactive environments and Audio Visual programming platforms. Saroseda by different pose to mainstream tries to reach new forms in Iranian Contemporary Art scene by introducing the potential of collaboration between different disciplines in the shape of organizing workshops and jamming of computer based artists.

About Mooweex
The mooweex internet cinema was launched to show selected works by Iranian film-makers. The cinema shows a broad spectrum of films including documentaries, fictions, video clips, animations and video arts. On mooweex you can watch the work of new artists as well as a number of old and rare Iranian films. The cinema gives easy access to some exceptional works including a number of international prize winners. The aim of the collection is to provide a deep insight into Iranian culture which is not achievable by any other medium in the same way.