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Bahar Samadi


Bahar Samadi (b.1981, Tehran) is a Tehran-based filmmaker and artist. In her works, she ‎primarily ‎reaches for found footages and what she has in her archive, using structural ‎techniques like cinematic ‎omission and narrative form diversion to rewrite the pictorial ‎memory. Her attempt to decode the ‎probable life of images embarks on an imaginary journey ‎between the author and the spectator.‎

‎ ‎Education
‎ 2009 – 2012 Degree in Filmmaking at EICAR, Paris/ France‎
‎ 2000 – 2006 MA in Architecture at Azad University of Art and Architecture, Tehran/ Iran‎

Solo Exhibition
‎ 2016 Aaran Art Gallery, Displacement, Tehran/ Iran‎

Group Exhibitions
2019 Aaran Projects, Limited Access 8, Tehran/ Iran‎
‎ New Media Society, An Installation/Studio 51, Pooyan Hashemi Tari and Navid ‎Naderi, ‎Tehran/ Iran
2017 Aaran Projects, Mass in Movement 2/Studio 51, Tehran/ Iran‎
‎ Aaran Gallery, Mass in Movement 1/Studio 51, Tehran/ Iran
‎ Mana Contemporary, In Between (Part II): So Far, Jersey City/ USA‎
2016 Aaran Art Gallery, Visage/Image of self, Tehran/ Iran‎
‎ New Media Society, All Other Passports (Parkingallery Project), Tehran/ Iran ‎‎ ‎
‎ Hinterland Galerie, Winterreise/Studio 51, Vienna/ Austria
‎ ‎
Screenings and Performances
2022 Mohit.Art, “Monument in Flux, “curated by Amirali Ghasem, Online‎
2021 a’21: Motavali 2, amberNetworkFestival/ | Media Performances, Curated by New ‎Media ‎Society/ Online
2020 Yarat Contemporary Art Space, Territorial challenges, Baku/ Azerbaijan‎
2019 Gasteig, “Kulturszene Teheran/ Iranisches FilmFestival” screening, Munich/ ‎Germany
‎ Whitechapel Gallery, “Body Politics,” London/ England
‎ Doclisboa, “Body Politics and Mental Territory,” Lisbon/ Portugal
2018 Schikaneder Kino, in cooperation with Hinterland Galerie, “Detour to Tehran” ‎screening, ‎Vienna/ Austria
‎ Casa Belgrado, “Monument in flux” screening, Buenos Aires/ Argentina
2017 W139, “Monument in flux” screening, Amsterdam/ Netherlands‎
‎ Dazibao, Perplexity Alloy, Montreal/ Canada
‎ Kunstraum Potsdam, Invisible Present Tense 2.0, Potsdam/ Germany
‎ Rooberoo Mansion, Limited Access 7 Festival, Non- pacific coexistence of numbers ‎and days, ‎Tehran/ Iran
2016 Aknoon Art Gallery, Unfailing Memory, Isfahan/ Iran
‎ Art-Athina 2016, All Other Passports (Parkingallery Project), Athens/ Greece
2015 Aaran Projects, Semi-Dark Room-Luminous Void, Tehran/ Iran
‎ Regenbogen Kino, EFS screening, Berlin/ Germany
‎ Kommunales Kino, Unfailing Memory, Freiburg/ Germany
‎ Svarta Huset, Parkingallery at Supermarket Independent Art Fair, Stockholm/ ‎Sweden
‎ Kinodromo, EFS screening, Bologne/ Italy
‎ Temple University Rome, Confusion- Iranian Artists in Roman Labyrinths, Rome/ ‎Italy ‎
2014 Aaran Gallery & Vista Gallery, EFS in Limited Access Festival 5, Tehran/ Iran‎
‎ The Guest House, Non- pacific coexistence of numbers and dates, Cork/ Ireland
‎ Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, EFS screening, Dublin/ Ireland
‎ Cork Film Festival, New Iranian Underground, Cork/ Ireland
‎ Image and Sound Laboratory of the State University of Campinas, EFS screening-‎Sessões do ‎Udigrudi, São Paulo/ Brazil
‎ «Fronteira- International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival,» EFS, Goiás ‎‎/ Brazil‎
‎ Limerick Avant-Garde Cinema, the Royal Picture Show, Limerick/ Ireland
2013 Croxhapox, Breath from a warm locale, Ghent/ Belgium‎
‎ Cork Film Centre Gallery and the Guesthouse, Seesound 2013, Cork/ Ireland
‎ The 10th Beijing Independent Film Festival, Cross Asian independent films, Beijing/ ‎China
‎ 42nd International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR), Invisible Present Tense, ‎Rotterdam/ ‎Netherlands
‎ Aaran Gallery, Limited Access IV (The Wondering Islands), Tehran/ Iran
2012 Cité des Arts, Part of Me: mise en abyme, for Iranian Arts New festival, Paris/ ‎France
‎ Sazmanab, mise en abyme, Tehran/ Iran
‎ Seomra Spraoi, The Last of Deductive Frames as part of Auntie Underground ‎Cinema, Dublin/ ‎Ireland
‎ Stephen Bulger Gallery, The Invisible Present, Toronto/ Canada
‎ Sample- Studios, EFS screening, Dublin/ Ireland
‎ Chester Beaty Library, EFS screening, Dublin/ Ireland
2011 Thomas Erben Gallery, Iran via Video Current, New York/ USA‎
‎ Shebeen Flick Loved & Unseen Irish Films, EFS screening, Dublin/ Ireland
‎ Café Kino, EFS screening, Bristol/ United Kingdom
‎ Oi Futuro, Flamengo, Pulso Irania, Rio/ Brazil
‎ Hello Operator, Dublin/ Ireland
‎ Studio Strike, Remote homecoming: Chapter one, London/ United Kingdom
‎ Parkingallery and Mohsen Art Gallery, Limited Access III Film Festival, Tehran/ Iran
2010 Filmothèque de Quartier latin, Amnesty Film Festival, Paris/ France
‎ Kodak, Eicar Film screening, Paris/ France
‎ La Péniche cinéma, Courts-Bouillons, Paris/ France
‎ Kodak, Eicar Film screening, Paris/ France