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Here I Have Written for You

Solo exhibition of Bahar Samadi

Opening on June 30th, 2023
On View until July 14th, 2023

Not what is made, but how it is made.
The images are recorded and re-recorded over and over using various tools. Re-recording an image gives me the opportunity to search for it again and again, or in other words, touch it. At the same time, Re-recording over and over, displaying it, repeating its display, and displaying its repeating display, offers me a new sense of time: I grasp it, I crush it, I open it, and then I let it go.
The relationship between the filmmaker and her material is the simultaneous relationship between the dominator and the dominated. The power of the filmmaker lies in her interventions in the time of the image, in the frame shake, in the repetition of the images, in the movement from one image to another, in the birth of an image from another image, in the image of the image of the image and so on. Despite this, the power of the image is in the image itself, as it is the original unit, and regardless of what happens to it, something about it will always remain the same.*
* Excerpts of artists’ text for catalogue