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Wonderland – Amir Mousavi

Solo show by Amir Mousavi

Playing with the forms that exist in his surroundings without the slightest change in them is Amir Mousavi’s passion. Repeating the firm elements next to the variable ones and finding different points of concentration are his usual practice. In his new series “ The Wonderland “ he documents the new Murals of Tehran. Time stands still, as if the walls of the city are staring back at the viewer. The mural paintings of Tehran transform to photographs and once they are printed on canvas , they are resurrected as paintings. The play of shadow and light and the resilience of artist in capturing just the right angle, are what makes him stand out from the rest. In his own words: “‌In the same way that it’s pointless to try and put a specific meaning to poetry, I do not attempt to explain my photographs. I just know that I do not have any critical, social, documentary or conceptual approach to photography. I began with painting and arrived at photography. from the beginning I loved surfaces, and the flattest of surfaces were walls, which for me have a life of their own.”‌