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White on White – Kourosh Ghazi Morad

Solo show by Kourosh Ghazi Morad

I have transformed myself in the zero of form
I have destroyed the ring of the horizon and got out of the circle of objects
Kazimir Malevich

The monochrome works of art are inexplicable, a mysterious presence that resists interpretation. The appearance suggests simplicity and unity, which masks a potential paradox. Monochrome has two foundations, mystical and actual, a spiritual search for a transcendental experience and the wish to emphasize the material presence of the object as a concrete reality and not an illusion.
The artists, who are committed to monochrome, adhere to the unity and indivisibility of the practice not as a style but as a personal stance: a view of the world. Replacing the figurative icon with an abstract consciousness related to the mystical doctrine of perceiving the unity of being.
In our part of the world, Sufi mysticism gives priority and meaning to the monochrome. According to Sufi doctrine, the monochrome is the realm of God, where differentiation is impossible. The loud colors of self and passion are obliterated. The spiritual world has one color. A world of fullness and void, devoid of time and color. In white there is the least amount of shadow, a purity that invites us to contemplate, to take one moment of silence away from the hectic world. This is reduction of art in to its essence.