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Leila Ghandchi – To The Bone

Solo show by Leila Ghandchi

Leila Ghandchi is not a feminist activist, however she is ready to saddle up her Unicorn and confront the dominating powers in quest for a sliver of joy. This is the buzz of a young confident generation of female Iranian artists who will not easily surrender their individuality and are not ready to be the sacrificial lamb.
The Majestic domes and fabulous landscapes are the playgrounds for the artist, where real populace are in daily combat with the restraining antiquated attitudes . The application of mixed media in this series are meant to represent her subconscious; sterile gauze covers wounds, mesh is restrictive, feathers are wings to fly with.

The function of three dimensional Origami forms that are flattened, carry the paintings to a three dimensional level, and the intricacy of these tangled shapes are indicative of the complexity of the characters of the society. The usage of neon lights, hidden in the back of some of the paintings, are probably reaffirmation of the ancient Persian belief in the power of light and hope.

The fluidity of the landscapes, the delicate lines and almost transparent figures, are all reflective of the delicate balance that the artist successfully creates. A world of her own, where the amphibious creatures are neither heroes nor victims. And perhaps this is another declaration of independence of the valiant Iranian females.