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The Third Narrative – Allahyar Najafi

The Third Narrative
Allahyar Najafi
Opening on 16th September 2016 up to 3rd October 2016.

Aaran Projects
No. 5, Lolagar st., Neauphle Le Chateau.
Tel +98 21 66702233
Working days, except Saturdays 1-7 PM and Fridays 4-8 PM.

The 2/5 dimensional lenticular imagery that every vendor has, are like windows to another world; windows that narrate only part of the story. When you put them next to each other a larger image is unveiled and the story becomes more explicit. It is as if imagination is given larger leeway to create a circumstance that allows for the story to happen . A new time and different status that reveals a new imagery. A two dimensional narrative in a two and half dimensional space, with colors and glaze estranged from reality.
This 2/5 dimensional setting has an impact on the viewer; the viewer is forced to move to see the complete story and is even allowed to take part in completion of the story. These stories show off their layers and betray the new space and status that they rely upon, and metaphorically reference the inconsistency of the story and the place it happens in.
In essence, the process is improvised; the image is disconnected from the back ground and this detachment is recognizable. In fact the viewer is simultaneously confronting two different kinds of imagery each with their own singular description and resolution. Because of the new imagined portrayal, the viewer recedes from reality and in fact a new narrative is unveiled, which is another dimension and which does not cover the original story . Concurrently all these elements create a Third Narrative.
Allahyar Najafi