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The Remainder of The Day – Sara Ghanbari

Solo show by Sara Ghanbari

For her first solo show Sara Ghanbari tackles the subjects of time and memories and how our perception of life changes as time goes by. She is preoccupied with nature, and that has led her to paint on leaves and to bring in landscapes in to her paintings. In this series she illustrates a suspended space: between present and the past. In her twin paintings, the first image is painted and in the second Act, the final result is painstakingly printed with paint thinner process, and the crumbled leaves are inserted. She successfully portrays the flow of time and by re-producing the images, she raises the question of vitality and perception of memories, walking on the edge of memories.
Presence of light is evident in these paintings and is emitted to the viewer. The lightness and fragility of paintings makes them intimate and accessible to everyone; a delightful walk in the forest, a dip in the pond, a walk in the snow. The interaction between presence of light and subject matters results in almost transparent images. She honors and exalts simple acts of life. These paintings take their origin from emotions recollected in tranquility. A course that artist has chosen to heal wounds and by title of exhibition she promises to cherish and glorify the remainder of the days.