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The Magic of 1001 Nights – Sasan Ghar E Dagloo

Solo show by Sasan Ghar E Dagloo

The magic of stories of 1001 nights are brought to life in wonderful compositions and opulent colors of Sasan Ghar E Dagloo. Layers upon layers of sensual lines and colors are echoes of Scheherazade’s stories , the life in Harems, the deeds of the nobles, the fantasies and the realities. The passions, the joys, and the agonies are all depicted, and subtly relayed to the viewers through the incredible choice of colors and magical shapes. Looking deeper, we find that the artist perceives the world in greater depths and breadths than we at first thought. Sasan Ghar E Dagloo, certainly belongs to the sophisticated group of painters, who carry on the mandate of great masters of the past centuries.