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The Hunting Studio – Hadi Alijani

Solo exhibition of Hadi Alijani
Opening at Aaran Projects on 22nd April.

The art works of Hadi Alijani, despite their narrative content and delicate humor,communicate a far more important theorem than proposing to explain the works. These paintings demonstrate the complex task of artist in maximizing the application of all aspects of the language of medium of painting. An attempt to utilize the limited resources of this language to achieve composition, coordination between the narration and fantasia, form and ornaments. Art for all time, has struggled to illustrate the subject, whether narrative or not, but the other aim has been to demonstrate the challenge of artist with the concept of beauty. The concept of beauty is farther than observing visual rules and conventions which are limited to a circle of principles. Beauty is about recognizing and forming an assortment of disciplines, relationships or ideas, and part of what artist attempts to do is to purposefully contemplate on how best to attract and fascinate the viewer and hold their attention.
In his recent series, within the frame work of a narrative and visual fantasia, Alijani exhibits his mental and physical challenges. The carefully devised plans, humans and animals in his paintings are indictors of his scrutiny and efforts to merge cubist shapes with forms adapted from Persian Painting. At the same time the minute and dense motives with thick and eroded textures are plainly tangible and physical. As a result of his mindful utilization of the narrative and visual details, his paintings depict a unique world of phantom and beauty, which next to the story line, are representation of the serious challenges of artist in creating his own language and exhibit his dictum on subject of beauty.
Behrang Samadzadegan