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The Cold Sonata – Maryam Farzadian

The Cold Sonata
Solo exhibition of Maryam Farzadian
Opening at Aaran Gallery on 23rd December 2016
On view until 5th January

Stones, scissors and discarded bits and pieces of paper are thrown in a game of chance; Rock, paper, scissor. Through careful compositions, Maryam Farzadian breaks up the rules of the game: in her game there are infinite suggestions and possibilities and there are no clear winners. The basic tonal melody of her Sonata is destruction and chaos and the final results are unfinished pieces by the composer.
The sharpness of images in these paintings that are the result of years of training, create a definitive rendering of the objects that can both be used as tools for building and offer gratification or become instruments of destruction and cause pain. It is possible to imagine that history and collective social memory is hidden in the layers of these paintings, events that artist hints at. The narrative and emotive qualities of these works render their own reality; Textures, facades, lighting and shadows are more pronounced than reality of any of the objects, reminding the viewer that “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.