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02-blissefullartist-arrivingshoes-empty-earth.psd – Arash Hanaei

Solo show by Arash Hanaei

This exhibition brings together four different projects: The Blissful Artist/Arriving Shoes/Empty/Earth series are installed as an inhomogeneous collage whose content can correlate at least at one point. These projects together juxtapose different topics in one single domain and are considered either unfinished or in progress. The Blissful Artist is a character in contrast to the image of an idealist artist which is sometimes a dreamer, sometimes an illusionist, sometimes desperately blissful and sometimes a wanderer. There are times when The Blissful Artist holds onto the events and there are times he clings to the images in his head without pursuing any objective or trying to form whilst he is being productive. The Blissful Artist believes that uniformed homogenous series abolishes individualist values and drives him to a certain repetition and an absolute commitment to the interlocutor to the extent where the conclusion is interpreted as the final objective. The Blissful Artist insists on the variety of forms and accentuates the color and the ambiance to the point of confining the concepts to their synonyms in order to bestow the responsibility of interpretation to the interlocutor. For instance in the “Empty” part, the concept of being void which is constantly followed by philosophical notions, is being mocked by the use of ordinary images of empty boxes, unsolved labyrinths, unloaded guns and ornamental flowers framing nothing or in the other words here, the void becomes voided.