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Mehdi Farhadian

Group Exhibition

Opening on 4th March 2022
On view until 1st April 2022

Manijeh Armin- Tajsar Jafari- Marjan Hoshiar- Koosha Moossavi- Arezoo Shahdadi- Shahrzad Araghinejad- Mehdi Farhadian- Allahyar Najafi- Parsoua Mahtash- Mohammad Eskandari- Nastaran Safaei- Parisa Taghipour- Mahya Giv- Maryam Farshad- Sara Tavana- Rene Saheb- Manijeh And Parisa Hejazi- Salé Sharifi

A Flower Blossoms for its Own Joy.
Oscar wilde

We celebrate the arrival of the Iranian New Year and a New Century by showcasing works of artists whose practice is mostly influenced by nature. On this occasion, it is fitting to quote an Ode to A Garden Carpet – By an unknown Sufi Poet (Circa 1500):
Here in this carpet lives an ever-lovely spring, un-scorched by summer’s ardent flame, safe too from autumn’s boisterous gales, Mid winter’s cruel ice and snow, ‘Tis gaily blooming still. Eyes hot-seared by desert glare find healing in its velvet shade. Splashing foundations and rippling pools in cool retreats, sore-wearied limbs restore, and tired hearts awaken with joy. The way was cruel.
Baffled by monotony and mocked by phantoms, delirious, beset by stalking death in guises manifold; The dreaded jinns, the beasts ferocious, the flaming heat and the exploding storms; from all these perils here at last set free; in the Garden all find security.
Here the long-laboring Earth, at last, gives birth. From apparent death, a new and lovely world is born; the jacinth imprisoned lies below the desert’s dusty floor. The stony wilderness is so bleak and bare, in ageless patience broods, aware of life within, the promise of fertility and abundance. Ever longing for deliverance. The world, at last, reveals its destiny.
Can we not then capture and restore The loveliness that gave us hope, still brightly mirrored on memory’s gliding waters or snared in the poets’ invisible net, so wide, so fragile, yet captor and conqueror of realities elusive?
Wrought in gold and azure, bright as carved metal. Dream-like foliage in sparking tones is caught, or else, in sumptuous shades of glossy lacquer, quiet but intense; in muffled browns and honey pure, Jasper cool and mellow cinnabar, that fairyland comes real again.
In sudden collisions, find sweet embrace; in rhythms enchanting, with stately pace, rollicking speed; emerging, retreating, reversing, in peaceful finality. Their conflicts reconcile, all in confederation blending like a chorus in part-song gladly singing, In contrapuntal play rejoicing, floating soft or wildly free, yet anchored in eternity.

Group Exhibition of Works with Paper and on Paper

Opening on 19th February 2021
On view until 2nd April 2021

Featured artists:
Farhad Ahrarnia- Koosha Moossavi- Shirin Mellatgohar- Arezoo Shahdadi- Farshid Davoodi- Shahrzad Araghinejad- Mehdi Farhadian- Farid Jafari Samarghandi- Navid Salajegheh- Fatemeh Bahman Siyahmard-
Safora Fadaie- Maryam Farshad- Elmira Mirmiran- Mani Ramhormoozi & a project by Fatemeh Fazael Ardakani

The works in the exhibition aim to show the universality and individuality of Iranian contemporary artists. The appeal of paper as the raw material that has attracted artists for centuries remains strong. The works that will be on view are a sample of the diversity of practices of Iranian artists today, that persist in their individuality and carve their own paths. It is an adventure worth following, one that is as old as written history.

  • The exhibition is the last of this year’s pandemic and a celebration in anticipation of a new year and a new century.
Solo Exhibition of Mehdi Farhadian

Opening on 14th February 2020
On view until 2nd March 2020

Most of the ordinary moments of the world, in their coldness and muteness, are important in history. On one side fate changing seconds occur and at the same moment, on the other side people spend their most ordinary moments. In this Twilight, Mehdi Farhadian lies in waiting to narrate the golden and solemn moments–and not necessarily the glorious ones–of history. In this deceit, he looks for forgotten and often understated epics, and with the inflated anger of our times, gives them enormity and splendor; by questioning the event itself and by weaving another epic. In the shadow of the enormity of events, he takes on a subject that is not normal but is normalized and adds pomp and ceremony to it. After all, he lives and works in a cultural context that adorns decadence and proudly displays it; fights bravely and decidedly, fails with dignity and pride, and finally garnishes and glorifies death. This situation demands–anonymously ordained from nowhere–a glorified language; a grand language to show an extraordinary event albeit normalized.
Excerpt from the catalog by Akram Ahmadi Tavana

Group painting exhibition by young painters of Iran

Curated by Vahid Sharifian

A landscape is a place where artists can observe themselves from the outside; a place where they can illustrate their own selves by depicting what they discover externally; it is staring at a scenery , putting a face to an equilibrium or describing a search; it is formation of a puzzle; calming one’s self with a puzzle; finding one’s self in a puzzle; Through a poetic description; while staring at a vista, we forget about ourselves; we escape ourselves because we see all of our existence in another space for a while; our stresses and our serenity; this is different from sinking into deep thoughts; thinking is same as pondering; thoughts are generated within it; staring at a landscape the string of thoughts and the mind struggles that make up your inner self occupy you;this is the real you.

Artists: Ali Chitsaz, Mehdi Farhadian, Omid Hallaj, Mohamad Khalili, Milad Mokhtari, Ghasem Mohammadi, Maryam Naderi, Reza Panahi, Yasaman Safa, Hamid Yaraghchi, Shantia Zaker Ameli, and Amir Hossein Zanjani