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Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh

Solo exhibition of Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh

Opening on 22nd Dec 2023
On view until 5th Jan 2024

This is a story of departures and no arrivals
An endless quest for a utopian city that probably never existed anywhere
A requiem for a collective imagined and desired land referred to here as Tehran
An Iranian endeavor to create a utopia
A Greek word meaning a place that does not exist
In conjunction with geography that has arisen of war Coup d’état and two revolutions
A weird fusion in that none of its components shows any commitment to creating or re-imagining an idealistic social order.
Endpoint and present for scores of migrants
Those who walk the earth in a self-created dream of happiness and infinite hope for better days to come
Destination is Tehran
A city we might never reach
Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh

Group Exhibition

Opening on 8th July 2022
On view until 5th August 202

Fatemeh Bahman Siyahmard- Parisa Taghipour- Elmira Mirmiran- Maryam Farshad- Koosha Moossavi- Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh- Noushin Jafari- Faezeh Baharlou. Siamak Nasr.

The exhibition aims to bring together a divergent set of works. Representing, but also upsetting, the relationship between the artists and their connection to reality. Spheres that contain paradoxes and manage to juxtapose the ideal with the unattainable.
Openings and closings.
Slices cut off from the real world and shaped by emotional needs: Somewhere Else.
Breaking away from the harsh realities is a Persian Tradition manifested in our literature and arts, even in our timeless tradition of humor. The tough realism of the everyday is compensated by stepping into another dimension, cherishing illusions that replace the real world.
Here are exaggerated floating spaces- a placeless place- yet in connection with the spaces that remain outside them. Within these spaces, we are alive, free of borders and restrictions, away from the mundane, and separated from the gloom that engulfs our land. Able to float in an archipelago of plurality, as we are supposed to.
Nazila Noebashari

Show by Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh and Amin Meysami

I would have never believed that a photograph could look exactly like reality. At the same time, no photograph is anything but reality. The fact that a photographer selects a frame through the lens of his camera is an example of how he has interfered with that particular reality. This is because only a small portion of reality has been framed and the larger remaining portion has been consciously ignored and omitted. But we cannot deny that this particular frame has been selected, it’s not reality, the only reality is that which we, as the audience, observe from the perspective of the photographer, a selected reality, free and without borders. It is not always necessary for us to search for a captured version of external reality; because our minds are also reality. We can choose to go one step further, and select the reality that is within our minds and arrange it and remember it the way we want. It is only necessary for us to stand and see reality through the eyes of Ebtehaj and Amin. I don’t know why these days everyone seems to be leaving.
Reza Kianian

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