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Suspension – Mohsen Sadeghian

Solo show by Mohsen Sadeghian

The Monochrome boxes of Mohsen Sadeghani are miniatures of place and space, in which symbols and objects are visible, like a mesh of similes that from a discursive view that is expressive and resonant. The audience in viewing the boxes sees the reflective focal point of the lights as well as one’s own image. From one perspective, this design makes the discernment of the works’ components difficult and delayed, and from another, it is reminiscent of the theory of the French psychologist, Jacque Lacant, regarding a child’s initial identification of one’s own image in a mirror. Immersion of the state of the viewer in the works, due to the reflections, is an expression of sense of non-distance between the viewer and the events. The identification of fragile, wounded and deformed. It’s in the works, takes shape with the help of surfaces, images and painted and opaque glasses. Such a process forms a suspended situation, inviting the audience to struggle more for the understanding of the themes and discourses. General structures of Sadeghian’s boxes have been designed and made in such a way that they invite the viewers to a subjective experience, one that is indicative of a connection to old customs and rituals.
Nosratollah Moslemian

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