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Solo show by Mehran Saber

Mehran Saber combines within the same frame, creatures and elements normally not found together to produce illogical and startling effects. The philosophical and visual aspects of the paintings make up emotionally powerful and poetic reality of his latest works. The dream-like qualities of the paintings makes you wonder if the painter has worked while in trance, whether he has sleep-walked through creation. His images are pure creation of the mind .Reality is dismissed and even Surrealism is distorted. The objects and personages are almost three dimensional, and seem to be floating in a world of their own , in a bubble , inviting the viewer to step in to this wonderful color palette. The illogical world of the artist is governed by the strength of dreams, a world of his own. He successfully transfers his emotions and turmoil’s but also creates scenes and objects that are complete and precise. A perfect balance.