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Sleepwalking – Mehran Saber

Solo show by Mehran Saber

Paintings of Mehran Saber appear to be reactions to a world apparently without meaning, humans control, or even menaced by an invisible outside force. Characters caught in hopeless situations are forced to do repetitive and meaningless actions. In his works, reality is dismissed and even Surrealism is distorted. The dream-like qualities of the paintings makes you wonder if the painter has worked while in trance, whether he has sleep-walked through creation. Hybrid creatures, often twisted and tortured, remind us of the old wounds, and of the bits and pieces of nightmares. The fabulous color palette is wild and exuberant, shocking the viewers at first glance and then challenging them into submission to observe the beauty and harmony of colors, while proving to them that the paintings are truly marvelous as well as wonderfully beautiful.