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Rostam in the Dead of Winter – Fereydon Ave

Solo show by Fereydon Ave

For centuries the illustrious and mythological stories of the legendary Persian Hero “Rostam” have passed down through generations of Iranians. The poetry of Shah Nameh (also known as the book of kings) written approximately a thousand years ago, by Abul Qasim Ferdowsi (celebrated and hailed as the Homer of Iran) is recited by millions of Iranians. In this century the echoes of this oral tradition are transferred into numerous works of art by the Iranian contemporary artists. In his most political work to date, Fereydon Ave, uses the images of a wrestler wondering among creatures of darkness in the dead of winter. The series is about dying and resurrection and the Chivalry that is dying in the land of Rostam. But the long history of the land has taught us; That the winter will not last long, and the support, aspirations and cheers of millions of Iranians will eventually drive our “Hero” back into the limelight and yet into another bright spring.