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Navid Salajegheh presenting two series

    Navid Salajegheh Presenting two series
    “Folded Traces”
    “The Castle of Iraj”
    And “Winterreise”, A joint project of Studio 51, in collaboration with Bahar Samadi
    Opening at Aaran Gallery on 27th May 2016

    For this exhibition, Navid Salajegheh writes: The two set of works are the result of organized occurrences. The author of both projects has seen it sufficient to create the rules of the game and subsequently he has become one of the components. It is because of this approach that the creators’ act resembles the act of nature. As a result the maker has imitated the nature or in other words has merged with it. In both sets of works, both optical rules and the physic of material is at work. Both leave traces and create incidents; events are made or recorded and these two acts are either removing or adding material, whether it is recreation of the image of ruins, or the re-writing of an assembled archive on a lucid surface.

    Winterreise, is a project of Studio 51, which is a collaboration between filmmaker Bahar Samadi & Navid Salajegheh. The main theme of their projects is recycling and re-applying preexisting or found and often unidentified footages, as well as textual and visual materials. Studio 51 attempts to rewrite and process these materials various mediums; moving image to performance and installations to painting. And thereby constructing a series of micro narratives which reappear in an alternative time and space. In Winterreise (Winter Journey) Studio 51 creates a mise-en-scène with three different pieces based on a found slide that passes through from one work to another: The film Of Memories of Others, the machine Retrouvaille and the painting in a Snowy Landscape.

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