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Prong – Behdad Lahoti

Solo show by Behdad Lahooti

“Zokhrof” is gold, it is the ideal beauty, adornment and elegance of things and yet, it connotes beautiful lies, much like adorned ravings or seductive talks. Thus, none of these pieces are adorned with gemstones and the series is called “Prong” a claw-shaped type of binding used for mounting gemstones to the jewelry item. All is thus ready for prong setting, yet there are no gems.
All sculptures of the series are devoid of both function and decoration and beautifully crafted prongs remain empty. Paradoxically things have lost their function, as well as their essence of beauty and have turned to a different thing and yet, through the process of refining have gained a seductive beauty of another order.
Excerpted from the catalogue of the exhibition, foreword by Barbad Golshiri