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Okra – Behdad Lahoti

Solo show by Behdad Lahooti

Three-dimensional space is a geometric model of the physical universe in which we live. The understanding of three-dimensional space is learned unconsciously during infancy and is closely related to hand- eye coordination. The visual ability to recognize the world in three dimensions is a visual perception where we gather and interpret information and our surrounding, always using the visible light that reaches our eyes. In other words our perception is our vision. To the three dimensional space we also subconsciously bring in a fourth dimension; emotions, fragrances , sounds. Therefore when we process a vision it’s no more 3 dimensional, what we see includes the 4th dimension. Humans have always brought in a piece of nature to their living quarters, in forms of gardens or just simple vases of flower. When I chose a seed of a plant, that I don’t even know it’s name, as a sculptor I am attracted to it as a bulk, a 3 dimensional form that I find wonderful and perfect. My subconscious constitutes the 4th dimension: the memories of a magical day spent in a forest, the fragrances that I am reminded of, the play of light and shadow and how grand the universe is.

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