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Consigned to Oblivion, Re-reading the History of The Coup d’état of 1953
A project by Saleh Tasbihi
A collection of performances and installations and presentations by artists and authors:
Behrouz Baghaie, Behrang Baghaie, Mohammad Zarei, Hamed Jabarha, Sepideh Mehregan, Ali Hosseini, Isar Abou Mahboub, Saeed Tasbihi, Ramin Sayyar Dashti and Pooya Shahrabi.
One day event on 19th August 2016 at Aaran Projects, 4-10 pm

Coup d’état, Doomsday, Hoodlums rising, tanks versus humans, Dr Mossadegh’s mistake or interference of CIA, however you look at it, the Coup d’état of 18th August 1953, is a proverbial episode, engraved on our foreheads. And maybe what is needed is the analysis of this historical stigma. A widespread affair which expanded from its core and dissolved in to its different spectrums. The lasting presence of this historical event in our collective memory is vivid and constant, and now pieces of it is revealed; different sources and fringes, emotions and words that are still dynamic.
The phantom of Coup d’état breaths under layers of soil of what is called Middle East, and boots are still on the ground and continue to govern and the agents of the Coup d’état of 1953, are still heroes and anti-heroes of the contemporary history of our land. The aim is to move away from the usual focal points and to visit the often forgotten angles of this event. To set aside the repetitious characters “Shah, Mossadegh, Zahedi, Shaaban the Hooligan, Kashani”, and to re read and rediscover the peripheral narratives. The Un Remembered of Coup d’etat has taken shape on this basis and will be performed by nine artists and performers. Despite the free reign of interpretation and visualization and paraphrasing, in all the Reports of this event, historical citations are maintained and the project is firmly grounded in reality.
Saleh Tasbihi

Aaran Projects
No. 5, Lolagar St., Neauphle Le Chateau.
Tel +98 21 66702233

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