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Aaran Gallery participates at Art Dubai (Stand A21)

Farsad Labbouf, “Dr. Mossadegh and The Flower of Insolence”, Enamel on oil primed canvas, 230×170 cm

Dr. Mossadegh and The flower of Insolence is a layered ground, embedded with hybrid form and meaning. A portrait within a portrait, this work embraces the inner world of Dr. Mossadegh and his actions as well as his physical representation. Two overlapping renderings meet in the center to create tension and discord between a contemplative profile and a frontal view of the public figure who always confronted obstacles head on.
Charged with movement, the painting also displays other components symbolizing
his character and actions. Diagonally crossing the canvas is the image of
a shovel, (followed by a lighter rendering in the bottom) indicative of the powerful
force of his labor to create fertile ground through social reform and
nationalization of the Iranian oil Industry. Notably, at a quick glance, the
position of the blade in the top shovel is also illusive of the Prime minister’s
tongue sticking out! A compositional play of form, representing his political
effrontery to the British power and underlying control of the country’s resources.
The painting is tied together with a diagram of a Lotus flower painted on
the top most layer. Disregarding it’s surroundings, this flower starts growing
small in swamps and lakes. It slowly grows towards the light and once it reaches
the surface of the water, it blossoms into a beautiful flower.

Farsad Labbauf in Tehran

We will be hosting Farsad Labbauf in Tehran on 4th April, for an artist talk and display of few of his art works. Join us between 5-8 pm on 4th April.