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Liquid Chooses to Obey Gravity Rather than Maintain its Form – Mona Aghababaee

Solo show by Mona Aghababaee

In her organic forms, Mona Aghababaee creates both positive and negative spaces, the created works are manifestation of spaces of her mind. She integrates materials and evokes abstract forms to challenge boundaries of perception. The essence of her sculptures are the continuum of her mind. Simple organic shapes evoke figurative links and natural materials are forced to change shape, while the forms are abstract, they refer to living forms.

In the words of artist:
Objects, out of ourselves, seemingly quiescence, quite and passive; lacking subjectivity but ever present in my mind. I stare at these objects, to the point that I take their shape, I am swallowed, in a continuous spiral; perplexed and confounded to point of ambiguity, a hybrid reality.
Parasites have changed the ant, it’s neither an ant nor a parasite. The eggs of the parasite tasted and looked like food and the ant swallowed it and it became the bait. Where is the ant? What of the parasite? This transmutation, is it the reality?
….Between me and The Other, there is a consistent dialogue which erodes both of us. It molds us and is the source of our decadence…