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Life Lines

Life Lines
Amir Hossein Akhavan
An exhibition to benefit Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation
In Collaboration with Etemad Gallery
Opening at Aaran Projects on 3rd February 2017, on view until 10th February.

Aaran Projects
No. 5, Lolagar st., Neauphle Le Chateau.
Tel +98 21 66702233
Working days, except Saturdays 1-7 PM and Fridays 4-8 PM.

The technique and compositions that Akhavan employs leave us with no other way of seeing them. His creatures are not meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia. They are not “beautiful” in the classical, nature sense. We won’t get a chance to regret having lost what used to be. We find ourselves in an art gallery in the middle of Tehran, faced with pixelated images that from a distance can form an impressionistic whole. Tehran, in turn, is a pixelated ecology that draws insatiably from its natural surroundings. It attracts resources from near and far. It is a city connected to the planet in direct ways. As citizens of this city, we have access to products that come from all corners of the world, neatly packaged in a promise of good things to come. We, citizen, it, Tehran, want more – food, comfort, and the promise of good things to come. So on and so forth…
Excerpt from catalogue by Sohrab Mahdavi

Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation is an Iranian not-for-profit non-governmental organization funded by the public. It operates under license granted by Iran’s Department of Environment and is supervised by a Board of Trustees that sets the policies and budgets and oversees all financial activities.
Goals and mission PWHF was established to help safeguard our natural heritage, with a clear focus on wildlife and natural habitats. It is our mission to improve the conditions of and reduce pressures on wildlife habitats by conducting biological and social field surveys, direct conservation actions on the ground, raising ecological awareness amongst local communities.
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