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Life is Spectacular – Marzieh Fakhr

Solo show by Marzieh Fakhr

Excavating the backgrounds is the most attractive part of painting for me. Even when I look at a face, instead of searching for the Subject within the depths of their eyes, as I am supposed to do, I look at the backdrop and all that surrounds the character. All of us are immersed in our backgrounds, we are part of the cadre, and are quite capable of excavating and exploring them.
When I look at my paintings the themes fade away against the beauty of the scenery. The same backgrounds that engulf the subject and give them meaning, a vague and variable comprehension, just like our everyday life. At every given moment we are positioned in a specific background and very often we carry on without paying attention to the meaning of the picture that we have been framed by, and this is a fact of life that what surrounds us distracts us from the true meaning of life, at the same time the whispers that invite us to unmask and demystify are present. For me the scenery is where the human dreams land and to that end the act of painting is my most important concern.
Marzieh Fakhr