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It will be in the News soon – Ghazal Khatibi

Solo show by Ghazal Khatibi

The visual world of Ghazal Khatibi is filled with games and humor which is rooted in the seriousness and prejudice of the real world. “Mad World” is the first phrase that can describe her visual world and its interaction with her surrounding .Her unique mentality takes shape in the bosom of the real world. She reacts to incidents and phenomenon in a coquettish and witty way and translates them to satire and as a result the stagnation of the real world is replaced with fluidity and dynamism. Her work can not be surveyed within the limited and classic descriptions of painting. Because the seriousness and self glorification of academic painting is absent. What is important in her work is the humorous and simple and smooth narrations which is a product of her fluid mind and Improvisation .Her approach opens the path that draws inspiration from the glory of Expressionism but ends at promiscuous and smutty drawings that are not intended to excite the audience but are portrayal of absurdity of the reality that she faces.. Khatibi depicts the controversial social subjects with innocence and compassion. Her simple figures, with flat and glittery colors, show the transient and unseemly conditions and circumstances of certain types. As if the Artist by recording these moods is depicting these “ Humanesques “ and ridicules them . Her works are imagery of a world in which illusion surrounds reality and not vice versa. To properly observe and appreciate her world we should leave out the preconceived notions and rigid rules and float our imagination.
Excerpts from catalog by Behrang Samadzadeghan