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Invisible and Indefinite – Nasser Bakhshi

Invisible and Indefinite
Nasser Bakhshi
Opening on 7th October 2016 up to 24th October 2016.

Aaran Projects
No. 5, Lolagar st., Neauphle Le Chateau.
Tel +98 21 66702233
Working days, except Saturdays 1-7 PM and Fridays 4-8 PM.

Nasser Bakhshi is preoccupied with images that relate to time and space and ultimately The existence. Through his large scale paintings and by painting found objects, he relates his concerns and fears. Painting is the instrument of conversation for this very quiet artist. He engages the viewer and narrates his tales; creating imagery that is communal and allude to turbulences and apprehensions of a nation in state of flux.

The images are all connected and collectively they offer an insight to the unique world of the artist. The remoteness of some images next to the tenderness of others, show fears and realities next to vitality of existence, and together they celebrate life.

His exceptional skill and hard work has endeared him to many audiences in Iran and outside the country. In words of Master Aydin Aghdashloo: Nasser Bakhshi carries on in the solitude of his studio, in a neat and narrow alley of the city of Tabriz, where he lives. He is bashful, and shy and dignified. He is an exemplary human being who has inherited the serenity, politeness and perseverance of his ancestors. He is not bound by fame, commercial success or praise. He is attached to his solitude. If you gain entrance to his studio, you can find tens of excellent and first rate art works. He will not abandon Tabriz. Citizens of his city pass him by, with respect, without knowing and realizing what a gem lives among them, and what a pity that his solitude does not let his character lighten up his alley, city and country even more.