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Good Stories for Good Children – Behrang Samadzadegan

Solo show by Behrang Samadzadegan

Good stories for good children, simultaneously depicts hope, regret, optimism and despair. The world around me is filled with a mixture of these feelings; gloom hidden behind a decorated curtain and smiles that become an image for propaganda and suggest joy and light. And when the gloom reappears from behind the curtain and shows itself beyond the Janus face of our society, we escape to humor and coquetry to make reality endurable. So we alter the reality to make it tolerable. Reality changes color in our hands. We listen to good stories to go to sleep like good children and close our eyes to the realities of the world. Good exotic stories create a veil between us and the reality. Soon, the reality itself becomes a colorful fantastic story (and I am tired of speaking in metaphors…). And we forget the bitterness of the reality because it is sugar coated; it’s because we are exhausted and disillusioned. Ivan Klima once said: “I wish I could be a postman. People expect postmen anxiously because most of them, unreasonably, are waiting for good news not bad ones”. I also expect the same!
Behrang Samadzadegan

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