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Fearless, The Next Wave of Artists from Iran
Curated by Fereydoun Ave

The exhibition will be held simultaneously in Tehran and Dubai.
Opening at three spaces in Tehran on 11th March at Aaran Projects, O Gallery and Lajevardi Foundation. And at Total Arts, Courtyard in Dubai, on 14th March 2016.

List of artists:
Sara Abbasian – Sasan Abri – Nasser Bakhshi – Reza Bangiz – Afshan Daneshvar – Habib Farajabadi – Soussan Farjam – Nariman Farokhi – Farhad Gavzan – Kasra Golrang – Mohamad Hossein Golamzadeh – Vahid Hakim – Hadi Hazavei – Mehrdad Jafari – Ebrahim Khadem-Bayat – Nogol Mazloumi – Arsia Moghadam – Amir Mohamadzadeh – Omid Moshksar – Kaveh Najmabadi – Farokh Nooroney – Mehrdad Pournazarali – Ali Razavi – Ashkan Sanei – Baktash Sarang – Sadegh Sadeghipour – Sharvin Shahrokh – Sepehr Mesri – Mohamad Reza Yazdi – Hossein Ali Zabehi – Zahra Navaie – Parichehr Tayebi – Pourang Pirataie.

Fearless is about 33 artists from Iran who have been working and working regardless of the market’s madness because they are manically obsessed with what they do. These 33 artists have been expressly chosen from various generations, from 25 to 75 years old. There is no age for being an obsessive courageous lunatic working silently.
“It is always hard choosing 33 artists from so many unsung heroes but it has to be done so apologies for not having enough space to include everyone.” Says Fereydon Ave, who has carefully selected pieces by these artists. “None of these artists have had media or market attention because of their obsession with work and not personal hype, so I am glad to champion them.” In a time and space where nothing changes fundamentally to keep on working on personal visions is fearless and to see fear as the only real censorship is to come out of the shadow.
The paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations in the exhibition encompass both figurative and abstract works, different in style and medium, and created by artists drawing on vastly different social, political and stylistic influences. Fereydoun Ave