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What If You Pause – Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh and Amin Meysami

Show by Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh and Amin Meysami

I would have never believed that a photograph could look exactly like reality. At the same time, no photograph is anything but reality. The fact that a photographer selects a frame through the lens of his camera is an example of how he has interfered with that particular reality. This is because only a small portion of reality has been framed and the larger remaining portion has been consciously ignored and omitted. But we cannot deny that this particular frame has been selected, it’s not reality, the only reality is that which we, as the audience, observe from the perspective of the photographer, a selected reality, free and without borders. It is not always necessary for us to search for a captured version of external reality; because our minds are also reality. We can choose to go one step further, and select the reality that is within our minds and arrange it and remember it the way we want. It is only necessary for us to stand and see reality through the eyes of Ebtehaj and Amin. I don’t know why these days everyone seems to be leaving.
Reza Kianian

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