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We will not reach Tehran.

Solo exhibition of Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh

Opening on 22nd Dec 2023
On view until 5th Jan 2024

This is a story of departures and no arrivals
An endless quest for a utopian city that probably never existed anywhere
A requiem for a collective imagined and desired land referred to here as Tehran
An Iranian endeavor to create a utopia
A Greek word meaning a place that does not exist
In conjunction with geography that has arisen of war Coup d’état and two revolutions
A weird fusion in that none of its components shows any commitment to creating or re-imagining an idealistic social order.
Endpoint and present for scores of migrants
Those who walk the earth in a self-created dream of happiness and infinite hope for better days to come
Destination is Tehran
A city we might never reach
Ebtehaj Ghanadzadeh

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