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Solo Exhibition of Mehdi Farhadian

Opening on 14th February 2020
On view until 2nd March 2020

Most of the ordinary moments of the world, in their coldness and muteness, are important in history. On one side fate changing seconds occur and at the same moment, on the other side people spend their most ordinary moments. In this Twilight, Mehdi Farhadian lies in waiting to narrate the golden and solemn moments–and not necessarily the glorious ones–of history. In this deceit, he looks for forgotten and often understated epics, and with the inflated anger of our times, gives them enormity and splendor; by questioning the event itself and by weaving another epic. In the shadow of the enormity of events, he takes on a subject that is not normal but is normalized and adds pomp and ceremony to it. After all, he lives and works in a cultural context that adorns decadence and proudly displays it; fights bravely and decidedly, fails with dignity and pride, and finally garnishes and glorifies death. This situation demands–anonymously ordained from nowhere–a glorified language; a grand language to show an extraordinary event albeit normalized.
Excerpt from the catalog by Akram Ahmadi Tavana