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To Be

Solo exhibition of Arezoo Shahdadi

Opening on 18th August 2023
On view until 1st September 2023

The challenge of taking a three-dimensional landscape to a two-dimensional surface is bargaining between reality and imaginary worlds. Artists who dive into land escape painting, particularly if they enjoy distinctive technical abilities, reveal their unique view of the world and their interpretation of Nature, somewhere between reality and dreams. Imagined spaces that borrow from nature and simultaneously beckon and resist human contact. The colors and forms of the real world are stretched and shape a fantasy land that rearranges artists’ and viewers’ relationship with nature.
All paintings of Arezoo Shahdadi begin with dots and lines, creating a landscape that is not merely a representation of nature, which is well presented in her paintings. For this series of works, Artist writes: The appeal of portraying a character, in my opinion, is a return to basics, an effort to achieve equilibrium in life. In solitude, one is more perceptive, and ultimately, the experience of *being* helps me understand life’s inexplicitly better. It is my way to try and grasp the unexplainable nature of Life itself. For me, land escapes are a suitable platform and an expression of different states of mind, as if the colors, lines, and forms are reflections of the human psyche from the experiences of sadness, happiness, excitement, silence, and stillness.