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The Truth Shall Set Us Free

Solo exhibition of Parisa Taghipour

Opening on 4th September 2020
On view until 14th September 2020

Art is said to represent the world in the frame of the artist’s gaze. In established perception, long before we existed and in an invisible expanse, the world has witnessed the perpetual confrontation of good and evil. Divinities, demons, the Devil, and angels appear in myths to paint the picture of this never-ending contest in the collective memory of the mortals. This series of works aims to challenge this preconceived notion.
Akvan, Angra Mainyu, and Zahhak, the everlasting symbols of decay and destruction, are not recalled from the world of myth. Here the artist aims to display hidden aspects of her soul and attach them to the final object. The artist’s Demons appear from the saturated tunnels of the artist’s unconsciousness, from her inner depths. They speak of fears and pains, of a great loss. On the one hand, these statues depict the sinister male myths and, on the other side, portray female characteristics. A paradox under scrutiny reveals the unique approach and gaze of the artist in contrast to the aforementioned perceptions. The dark aspects of femininity in the work of the artist are far more personal to be a representation of myth. More than anything, they recall the inception of myths. In their silence and tranquility, these deformed bodies cry out that the myths are not forever, the divinities and demons, the good and the evil, light and darkness, despite what we believe is not celestial. Because of our existence, they have been ripped through our fears and sufferings: raised from within our flesh, blood, and pulse. Myth is no more an allegorical reality, but it is a reality created by us, a manifestation of the beauty and splendor of creation and art’s ability to depict that creation.
Ali Reza Ghani