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Roots Buried in the Dark Earth

Solo Painting Exhibition by Manijeh Hejazi

Opened on 5th July 2019
Continued to 22nd July 2019

Group exhibition displaying sculptures by:
Azam Hosseinabadi- Mahbobeh Hosseini Mousa- Mahdieh Pazouki- Farnaz Rabieijah -Nastaran Safaie-Parisa Taghipour
and special guest Farzaneh Mehri

Roots Buried in the Dark Earth
They soaked up the energy of the sun and
The essence of the moon
Moistened by the rain and dew, they understood…

This exhibition aims to combine the works of seven female sculptors with their distinct language and approach. The diversity in this group of works is an indicator of the spirit of perseverance and dedication by which these artists have so far molded their individual paths.
The exhibition’s title is an excerpt from the novel Red Sorghum by Mo Yan. On page two, he characterizes the place of the narrative, Northeast Gaomi Township, as ‘easily the most beautiful and most repulsive, most unusual and most common, most sacred and most corrupt, most heroic and most bastardly, hardest-drinking and hardest-loving place in the world.
The vibrant artworks gathered in this exhibition are a product of this time and this place, where we are the happiest and the most miserable; a product of land in a constant state of flux, a realm where extraordinary circumstances always persist. It is, therefore, the ambition of this exhibition to show that against such a backdrop, purity of thought and approach is still possible and deserves appreciation and exposure.