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Recalling the Unknown

Solo Exhibition of Navid Salajegheh

Opening on 9th June 2023
On view until 23rd June 2023

“Recalling the Unknown” is an installation of “things” and “writings.” Each piece of this installation is a result of the process of intervention in memories and knowledge gathered across different horizons; dehistoricized, dematerialized, and encoded once again. So the construction of this exhibition seems more like an archeology of the unseen. It is also a practice in what I call “shading,” the world in which I try to experience a kind of “unseeing.” The structure of this installation, in the internal relationships between the different elements and also on a formal level, is one of fragmentation. But the overall coherence between the artworks creates a maze of signs, continuously connecting the “things” and the “writings” while maintaining an unfillable gap between them. In the structure of this installation, theoretical contemplations, story-like narratives, delusional ramblings, images, and objects are all treated the same, presenting a multitude of different perceptual temporalities for the audience to explore.
Navid Salajegheh