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Solo Exhibition of Parsoua Mahtash

A Trilogy
Opening on 2nd July 2021
On view until 16th July 2021

The lived experience is an intertwined combination of a certain location (and the objects associated with it) and human emotions over a span of time.
Home (as a subject and an important element in the experience of life) becomes a reality once the act and experience of living in that location- time actually occurs.
Home in different approaches can be city, motherland, homeland, or a metaphor for a particular situation; of course, no matter how much we elevate this notion, it only becomes a reality when lived experience is reflected in that physical space…(otherwise, it is only a part of it.)
Moving from one Home (a situation) to the next, regardless of the circumstances and its reasons has a contradictory element of suspension. The new Home, in the absence of lived experience, does not as yet have an independent identity and so far is an unfound reality. The old Home does not have a tangible existence, and only part of our emotions are attached to it.
In this extent of location-time, a new situation materializes. But the experience of life does not stop, and we live something else. Something in between these two, neither of them or both of them.
Re-Location is an allegorical explanation of this situation.
Re-Location is a suspended situation between two specific coordinates- not even resembling a purgatory between heaven and hell- but an experience of location, time, and human emotions.
Re-Location is a narration of the situation (in this particular place) we experience and live in every day.
Parsoua Mahtash